Knowledge Base
New to Soundest?
This article explains a few things to know as you get started with Soundest.
Learn about Soundest terms, email marketing concepts, and related technologies.
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Major Topics

1. Campaigns

Learn how to build a beautiful email campaign, also about the features that will help you make it faster and better performing.

2. Reports

Learn about Soundest Reports, and a Click Map. Track your email marketing performance easily.

3. Subscriber Management

Learn how to build a contact list, add subscribers, and create segments in your email marketing campaigns.

4. Signup Forms

Learn how to set up signup page, pop-ups and signup boxes, as well as grow your database.

5. Ecommerce Automation

Learn about email marketing automation setup. Start benefiting more from your email marketing activities.

6. Account Settings

Learn how to manage your Soundest account, change your password etc.

7. Pricing and Billing

Learn about Soundest Pricing: Forever Free and Premium Plans. Also, what you should do if run out of email credits.

8. Integrations

Soundest has a lot of integrations with other tools and applications that help you grow your business.

Expert Topics

Becoming an Expert

Are you interested in becoming Soundest Expert? Go ahead! Read more about it.

API Documentation

Integrating Soundest with other tools? Learn how to get the API Key.