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Adding Content with the Product Picker

Product Picker is a unique feature of Soundest that makes adding products to the newsletter a way easier and faster. It allows picking products for the newsletter while browsing your online store. A system automatically adds them complemented with pictures, descriptions and pricing.

Now let’s see how it works. We will go through each step to make it crystal clear to you.

After entering your new campaign name and subject line as well as choosing the template, you proceed to the third step - designing your newsletter. 

With our New Editor you will have more options to customize your Campaigns and Ecommerce emails, and Product Picker settings are part of them.  Let's check what can you edit from now:

You will get the following window:

Set here how your Products should look in your emails:

  • Products in a Row - select the most suitable combination for you:
  • Add or remove any data you need or do not need to be imported from your store
  • Select the Price format of your preference:
  • Set the Currency format that suits your needs:

You will be able to change this settings any time!

Now that you are all set, hit the button “Start Picking” on the top right corner of the Editor and let the fun begin!

Now you are directed to your online store where you can see all your products. Decide on which items you want to see in your newsletter. Let’s add the cupcakes this time. Click to go to the product page. 

Once you are on the product page, click “+”. To add more products, go to another product page and repeat.

When the picking is finished, click on a “tick” to come back to the editor.

Voilà! Products that you have selected are added to the newsletter. In our case, the cupcakes appeared in our newsletter. Complemented with pictures, descriptions and pricing.  Now, you can change the layout of products, add some additional elements and only final touches are left afterwards.

Important update!

You can also launch Product Picker directly from the Product element by clicking on the Shopping cart icon:

If you need any additional assistance, you can always contact our Support team who is always ready to help.

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