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Generating API Key

If you want to integrate Soundest with another system (e.g. CRM, 3rd party contact form), you can pass data to Soundest (or get data) via API. With every request, we require using API key for authorization purposes. 

Create API key

You can create an API key by clicking on your account icon and "API keys". Hit "Create API key" button.

Enter a title for an API key and choose the permissions it should have. There are two main options:

  • This API key will only allow adding new subscribers. This permission allows:
    • to get only the titles (using this API call) and IDs of all subscriber lists in the particular Soundest account (no actual subscribers can be downloaded or edited). List ID is required in order to add a new subscriber.
    • to add new subscribers (using this API call).
  • Setting up custom permissions for this API key. The permission allows to access this data:

Permissions are created for security reasons. You can create a different combination of the permissions, for example, a key which has access only to "List" data and cannot reach "Contacts" (Subscribers) and "Campaigns". Hit "Save".

That's it. You have created an API key.

The system takes up to 5 minutes to make any changes in the permissions.

Useful resource - Full Soundest API documentation.

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