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Getting Started with Soundest

Soundest is an email marketing tool tailored for ecommerce companies. We specialize in four main fields: 

This short introduction to our tool will help you to start using Soundest and allow you to find all the resources needed to smoothly implement your email marketing activities. 

Before You Start

To begin using Soundest you don't need to download or install any software onto your computer. Our tool is a web-based application that works on most web browsers. To make sure Soundest works properly on your browser, you should enable cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript.

Feel free to use all of the Soundest resources available:

When you create a Soundest account, you agree to Soundest’s Terms of Use and to comply with anti-spam regulations.

Growth and Management of Your Subscriber List

Healthy email lists are crucial for successful email marketing campaigns. By saying “healthy” we mean that all your contacts have subscribed to your newsletters of their own free will, they are engaged with your brand and are aware of your upcoming email communication.

After you create a new list of subscribers, you can add subscribers in four different ways:

If you are just about to start building your subscriber list, Soundest provides the most popular kinds of signup forms for your store:

These forms are easily customizable, so you can seamlessly pick your brand colors and copy-writing, and start gathering emails right away!

One more thing regarding Soundest signup forms - the sooner you set them up, the more customers you will be able to reach with automated cart recovery emails. So don’t procrastinate!

With Soundest, you can group your subscribers into segments and lists. When sending a bulk email campaign, you can choose to which list(s) to send your campaign. The same is true with segments.

If the same subscriber appears in two or three different email lists, we do not count it more than once. One email means one subscriber - it doesn’t matter to how many lists and segments it belongs.

Bulk Email Campaigns

One more fundamental thing in ecommerce email marketing is the email campaign itself. You can call it either a newsletter, bulk email or promotional email. With Soundest, each email message that you send to your customers is called an “email campaign”. Each email campaign has its own reports on opens, clicks, sales, etc. Regarding the metrics of the email campaign performance, we will discuss them later in this article.

Our Email Campaign Wizard leads you through the five-step process of creating an email campaign. At the beginning of this process you can choose a responsive email template that best fits your email campaign idea. All email templates that we provide are mobile friendly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any of it.

With Drag-and-drop Email Editor, you can easily build your email campaign without having any technical HTML knowledge. Moreover, Soundest has a unique Product Picker which allows you to pick products for your email campaign while browsing your online store. A system automatically adds pictures, descriptions and pricing. Soundest clients really love this feature! Go to a tutorial of how to use Soundest Drag-and-drop Email Editor.

After building your campaign, don’t forget to test it. In Editor you will find Preview which shows you how your email will look on a computer screen or mobile device. Also, you can send test emails just to be sure that it looks fine. After all, when the campaign is ready, you can send it immediately or schedule it for later.

By the way, don't forget to make use of our great feature - Campaign Booster - that gives you a second chance to poke your customers and grab their attention if they skipped the campaign for the first time. Your boosted campaign after 48 hours will be resent only to those customers who have not opened the initial campaign and are most likely to make a purchase. Be sure - it will increase your open and click rates as well as sales up to 30%.

Enable Ecommerce Email Automation

Automated workflows help our customers earn many times more than they would by sending bulk email campaigns only. Automated emails are triggered by particular customer behaviour which is why they are highly relevant and personal. They should be enabled and work hand-in-hand with bulk email campaigns.

Soundest provides the following automated workflows:

These workflows were developed so that email marketing is simple yet effective. We have thought about possible scenarios leading to actual sales and implemented them behind the scenes so that it will only take our customers a single click to start using them 

Profit-oriented workflows are available for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Oxid eSales and WooCommerce. Some are also available for Tictail users.

Monitor Your Performance in Reports

You will never know how well or poor your email campaign performs if you do not monitor customer engagement. That is why Soundest provides you with comprehensive email campaign reports.

We provide an ecommerce email marketing tool which makes us different from our competitors. In Soundest reports, in addition to the usual Open, Click and Bounce Rate reports, you will be able to track how many orders there are from each campaign and what the revenue generated is.

The click map highlights the hottest spots in your campaign. You will be able to see which products are the most interesting for your customers, what buttons perform best, etc. These insights will help you improve your future email campaigns.

More on Understanding Rates in Reports.

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