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Refund Policy

According to our policy, the Premium plan is a prepaid month-to-month subscription service with monthly or annual payments. The subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the paid period unless it is explicitly cancelled before the start of the new billing period.

We do not provide refunds for unused monthly credits for clients that are inactive. The only occasions when refunds will be offered are when:

a) a customer has informed our Support Team (, Terms of Use, clause 5.7) that they want to cancel the Premium plan before the new billing period starts but it is not processed in time.

b) a customer cannot use the Premium features over the period that he/she has paid for due to a system malfunction and unexpected issues caused because of it. Your complaint should include clear proof that such a malfunction has taken place.

We reserve the right to shut down campaigns at any time if we feel that you are abusing our system in any way. If we determine this to be the case, we will shut down your account and not provide refunds for unused services. So make sure you have read our Terms of Use before sending email campaigns.

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