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How Can I Schedule Emails?

This one is easy!

1. Go to Campaigns and create a newsletter.

2. Complete the first four steps (a.Write a Subject line, Preheader and Campaign name; b. Select a Template; c. Create a Newsletter content; d. Select Subscribers). Click the "Next step" button. 

3. In 5th step (Review and Confirm) pick the "Schedule for later" option.

4. Choose the date and time you want your newsletter to be delivered. The time that you enter is in your time zone. Soundest sets your Time zone depending on the address you have entered in the Registration form. For example - if you have entered London address, then your time zone is GMT (London). 

5. Click "Start campaign".

Your email is now scheduled. You can find it in Scheduled emails page. 

If you are using Campaign Booster, all pending Booster emails will also be displayed in Scheduled emails page. If you want to preview, delete or edit scheduled email, click on "Arrow" icon on the right on the "Scheduled emails" page. That icon restores a scheduled email to drafts. 

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