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Collecting Contacts with a Signup Page

Signup Page allows you to share a link on your social networks, website, blog, etc. Once a person clicks on that link, he (or she) will be redirected to "Subscribe" page. An example of the signup page is displayed below.

Signup Page

Once a person enters an email address and presses "Subscribe", his (her) email will be automatically added to the "All subscribers" list.

Where can I find my Signup Page?

Signup Page can be enabled in the Subscribers tab > Signup forms > Enable.

How should I set it up?

The window with fields entered with default copy will appear. Feel free to change it or translate if needed.

By clicking Preview you will see the current version of your landing page. The address of that page should look something like this Copy that link from the browser and use it anywhere you like - social profile, website, blog, etc. 

In the Next step you can upload you company's logo. We support .jpg, .png and .gif formats. The maximum size of the logo allowed is 1 megabyte.

If you know how to code HTML or CSS, the link to the advanced settings is just after the "Browse file" button. Learn more about advanced settings of Signup Page.

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