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Importing Subscribers from MailChimp

Migrate subscribers that you have collected in MailChimp to Soundest with ease as there's no need to export them first and import from file later. Built-in integration enables to skip the selection of attributes step. 

API key is all you need to transfer your subscribers from MailChimp to Soundest. 

1. Generate API key in Mailchimp.
2. Copy it.
3. Go to Soundest.
4. Go to Customers > Choose a list where to want to import your Mailchimp subscribers or create a new one > Then click "Add Subscribers" > Choose Mailchimp
5. Paste your API key into the field.

Import from Mailchimp

6. Click Continue.
7. Select the lists you want to import from and click Import button. Soundest will do the rest for you. Your subscribers will be imported to the list. It might take some time to import all contacts because of Mailchimp's limits.

Import from Mailchimp

Check out this short video:
You may also be interested in importing contacts from file as well as different signup forms providers, such as Justuno, Privy, Email before Download, etc. 

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