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Add Sufio's Invoice Link to Soundest's "Order Follow-up" Emails

Sufio is a 3rd party app which automatically sends invoices and receipts for every order. You can upgrade your Soundest Order Follow-up email by adding a link to Sufio invoice.

Requirements for this integration to work:

  • Your shop must be on Shopify platform.
  • Sufio must be installed in your Shopify store.
  • Order Follow-up email must be enabled in Ecommerce page.

How to enable it:

  • Go to Ecommerce page in Soundest.
  • Choose Order Follow-up and click Edit email content.

  • Drag "Sufio invoice" element from the sidebar to email's content.

  • Change button's label, if you wish.
  • Click Save and go back in editor.

That's it! All future Order Follow-up emails will contain a button which redirects recipient to Sufio's invoice page.

If Sufio is not installed in your online store, a link to invoice will not work.

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