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Nosto - Add Personalized Product Recommendations to Your Soundest Emails

Nosto is a 3rd party solution with offers various features - Facebook ads, Product recommendations, etc. 

Nosto email personalization widgets allow you to promote right products to the right audience in your Soundest newsletters or any other emails you might send to your customers, such as Abandoned Cart Recovery.

This tutorial walks you through the steps how to create your first email widget and paste it to Soundest. 

  • Login to your Nosto account
  • Create new widget. Navigate to Emails > Email Widgets and Click Create a new widget, which will open up the creation wizard. 

Choose widget ruleset - Personalized Recommendations. Click Next.

  • Choose Soundest as Email Service. Click Next.
  • Setup Visual settings. The widget will feature a product’s image, name and current selling price and also the title as given in Block title input area. By default, Nosto displays four products in the widget. Preview-button will open up the recommendation in a safe preview-mode on the Nosto admin and allow you to review applied changes before clicking next to proceed. 

  • Copy the generated code snippet. It contains a user variable {{email}}. 
  • Login to your Soundest account, open email editor (of any email you want. Both regular campaigns and Ecommerce emails support Nosto widget).
  • Drag HTML code element to your email's content.

  • Paste HTML code snippet (that was generated in Nosto). 

That's it. When you send an email which contains Nosto's widget, Soundest will replace a custom variable {{email}} with your recipient's email address. Nosto will use it in order to personalize recommended products (images, title, etc.). You can find out more at Nosto's Support Center.

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