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What is Soundest Pricing?

Soundest pricing is very easy as we offer only two plans: Forever Free and Premium. They differ in the features they have and the amount of emails you can send per month. Depending on your ecommerce email marketing needs, you can decide which plan is the most relevant for you. If you start with Forever Free plan, you can upgrade to Premium at any time when your business grows. 

What are the differences between Forever Free and Premium plans?

Look at the table below to find out how these two plans differ in details. 

Forever Free Premium
15,000 emails per month
Number of emails depends on database size (no daily limit)
2,000 emails per day All features from Forever Free plan plus limitless signup forms
Drag-and-drop Editor
Product Picker
Mobile ready templates
Campaign Booster
Scheduled campaigns
Scratch Card
Sales reports
Gift Box
Device reports
Cart Recovery Series
Click Map
Welcome Series
Signup BoxPopup Landing Page  (up to 3 active at once)
Re-activation Series
A/B testing
Order Follow-up Email
Soundest Support (via email, in-app messenger, Facebook)
Wheel of Fortune
You can find additional information about each of the features on our website directory Soundest Features.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we do. When you create an account on Soundest, you'll automatically start with a 14-day free Premium plan trial. It gives you the access to all Premium features so you'll have enough time to test them before making the decision which plan to choose. After the trial ends, new users are automatically downgraded to the Free plan unless they upgrade to Premium. Learn more how this works in our Terms of Use, Chapter 5.

How Premium plan works? 

The Premium plan is a prepaid month-to-month subscription service with monthly or annual payments. Monthly payment works as a once a month charge based on your current number of subscribers and non-subscribed contacts that received automated emails in the last 30 days. The total count of these two numbers places you in one of the billing tiers. 

What are the billing tiers? 

Soundest pricing is based on the billing tiers. We automatically adjust the billing tier as your list grows or shrinks. Take into account that after the first payment your monthly billing tier will be counted based on two numbers - your current number of subscribers and non-subscribed contacts that received automated emails in the last 30 days. Use the Soundest billing calculator to find out the billing tier you belong to and its price.

What if I need to send more than the limit of my current plan?

Each billing tier gives you the limit of emails that can be sent during the month. If you send frequently and exceed your monthly limit, you can manually refill your mailing credits by updating the billing cycle right from your account. Use Charge me now button in your account to update your billing cycle. Learn more about email credits and how to buy more of them when you need.

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