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Compliance 6 - Contacts from Your Personal/Business Inboxes

Some people import contacts from personal inboxes, LinkedIn, etc. to their mailing lists. While LinkedIn, Gmail and other websites can be an extremely helpful tool in growing your email list, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to utilize its capabilities. Before you use a tool, program, or website to gain interested contacts for your email list, it’s important to keep in mind that explicit permission is key. By explicit permission, we mean that each person you intend on emailing has agreed to, and is expecting to receive this communication. 

With that in mind, think about all of the people you are following on Twitter, friends with on Facebook, and connected to on LinkedIn. Did you specifically agree to be added to each and every one of their email lists simply by becoming a connection? Most likely not, and it wouldn’t be right to assume this of your connections either.

“But, I know my LinkedIn connections are connected to me for a reason - they want to hear from me.”

Not exactly. It’s possible they may have added you to grow their network to appear more credible or to have their posts seen by a larger audience. Do not export such contacts and mass email them from Soundest, unless they gave you a permission to send emails. Here are few examples of what can (and cannot) be imported from your personal/business accounts.

All contacts from your personal Outlook account imported to Soundest.
Not all your email contacts have subscribed to your mailing list to receive marketing messages. Import only those, who gave you the permission.
Emails of your LinkedIn connections were imported to Soundest.
Not all your LinkedIn contacts have subscribed to your mailing list to receive marketing messages. Import only those, who gave you the permission. Or write a LinkedIn post with a link to your Soundest Signup Page asking to subscribe to your newsletter.
A person you know told you via Twitter that he wants to subscribe to your newsletter.
This person just gave you the permission, still send him a link to Signup page.
You decided to send a promotional email to all your contacts that are in your professional address book.

This is a definitely no, because not all your contacts agreed to receive marketing emails from you. You can contact only those who:
  • Agreed to receive such emails
  • Have purchased recently from you AND that your promotional email contains information relevant to their recent purchase)

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