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Migrating Development shop to Production (when Soundest is installed)

For Shopify developers

If you create a Shopify Development store and install Soundest, we'll automatically detect it and assign a custom pricing plan called Premium DEV. It offers all Premium Soundest features (incl. Cart Recovery, Product Picker, etc.). The only limitation is monthly email limit - 200 emails/mo. Nonetheless, this should be enough to test all the features and set them up for the client. Here are few things to remember:

  • You cannot upgrade to regular Premium plan when your Soundest account is on Premium DEV pricing plan. You can do it only when the store is live (and switched to Paid Shopify plan). 
  • Once Shopify Development store is switched to Paid Shopify plan, Soundest will automatically detect that as well and assign Premium trial plan (for 14 days). You can upgrade to Premium Soundest then.
  • You should upgrade your client's pricing plan to Premium during those 14 days. If you do not, their account will be downgraded to Free plan.
  • I you haven't done it yet, you should sign up for our Soundest Expert program (Affiliate partnership program) and get paid. Learn more

For developers of other E-commerce platforms

If you are working with other platforms (e.g. Magento, Oxid, Prestashop, etc.), there are two options (regarding migration):

  • Either you contact our Support team and they'll switch your account to Free. 
  • Or you can create a new Soundest account (clean) in Production store. Don't forget to add your Partner ID in registration link, otherwise we won't be able to assign a new paying customer to your Partner's account.

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