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Gleam - The App that Will Help You Organise Competitions Online

Gleam is a third-part application that can help you organise competitions on your online store and push the new leads to Soundest email lists.

This integration is available for all Soundest users and for Gleam users who use Pro plan and above. So how should you start?

1. Get the Gleam app.

2. Go to Gleam Settings -> Integrations.  Turn on Soundest.

3. Get your Soundest API key. Navigate My Account -> Integrations & API's -> API Keys

4. Create a New Key and check these checkboxes "I want to set up custom permissions for this API key",  "Lists" and "Contacts"

You can also specify a default list to send contacts to, this can be changed at a campaign level.

Before you set up Gleam competitions, make sure that the particular list for them already exists in your Soundest account.

In order to test if emails successfully appear in Soundest, do the following:

  • Create a competition on Gleam with a Subscribe action
  • Ensure that this action is linked to an existing list in Soundest
  • Enter the action manually from your competition dashboard
  • The action will become invalidated (since we automatically invalidate admin actions)
  • Go to the Actions tab for that competition, then make your action valid
  • It should appear in Soundest within a few minutes

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