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Order Follow-up Email

The order follow-up email is sent after a purchase is completed. It is usually used to get the feedback from your clients or to sell more after the purchase is done. It belongs to automated emails’ family and can be sent by all ShopifyBigcommerceTictail and custom API integration store owners that use Soundest Premium plan.

For a step-by-step guide on how to set the Order Follow-up email, please click here.

Order Follow-up triggers

Depending on the ecommerce platform you are using, there might be different order statuses that would trigger the Order Follow-up workflow.

For Shopify stores the order status has to be paid. When the order status becomes “paid”, the follow-up email is triggered and sent according to the timing you set up.

For Bigcommerce stores, the order status can be the one of the following:

  • "Shipped",
  • "Partially Shipped",
  • "Awaiting Pickup",
  • "Awaiting Shipment",
  • "Completed",
  • "Awaiting Fulfillment"

If you are using our latest API for your store integration, the status we act upon depends on your integration setup.

Sending timing

As a default, the Order Follow-up email is sent 7 days after the purchase is completed and order status becomes as mentioned earlier. However, in Soundest you can schedule it whenever you like. The timing starts just after the order status changes.

Note: if you edited your Order Follow-up email before 28th of September, 2017, you might notice that the default delay is set to "Immediately". You can change that in the settings of this workflow. All new users now have Order Follow-up default delay set to 7 days after the order.

Discount codes on Order Follow-up emails

To be sure that your clients leave their feedback about the purchase or buy even more, try offering discounts in the email. You can find more information about discount element and how to use it in your emails here.

What should I say in this email?

Follow-up emails are great for:

  •   Inviting customers to connect on social media. Say thank-you and include big and clear call-to-action buttons linking to your social media. In this way, you will attract new followers and be able to reach them through different media, which is great for remarketing.
  •   Adding value to your brand. Positive feedback will reinforce positive feelings about your products.
  •   Sending recommendations related to the purchased items (cross-sell and up-sell). Recommendation apps like Nosto will help you add them to your emails.
  •   Sending an invitation to leave a review on your store.
  •   Offering a discount for the next purchase, etc. A small present after the purchase will leave a good impression.
For a step-by-step guide on how to set the Order Follow-up email, please click here.

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If you need any additional assistance, you can always contact our Support team who is always ready to help.

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