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Discount Element for Your Campaigns and Automated Emails

Soundest gives you the facility to offer your customers a discount code via our Discount Element, which is available on all pricing plans. This can be used in all your emails: Campaigns and Ecommerce Automated Emails (Cart Recovery, Customer Reactivation, Order Follow Up, Welcome, Birthday)

What types of discounts can I offer?

It will depend of your needs and your preferences. You can offer a Fixed discount code, that has to be created directly in your online Store, or you can use Soundest random code generator via Discount Element. 

Please be aware that our POP-UP uses fixed code ONLY. Any discount offered there must be first created in your online store.

Where can I find the Discount element?

The discount element is in the editor available in the Content step, you will need to drag and drop it into your email: 

How do I set up the Discount element?

1. Click on the Coupon itself or the Edit icon: 

2. Complete all the required fields for the Content: Text and Conditions; and personalize the Settings (if needed):

3. Click Save and close after each change.

4. Click Save to be able to move to the next element.

ONLY WORKS FOR CAMPAIGNS: Once you have saved it, you can send a test email to yourself and see how it will look and work– click on the drop-down list arrow in the editor Preview button. To test if the code works, please use the one you will receive by email – the one displayed in the template XXXX-XXXX-XXXX is just a sample of the format.. If you are happy with the result, the code is showing correctly and is synchronized with your store, click save until you get to the final step – Launch. Now all your customers will receive the discount code with the email where it was set!

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