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How can I use Soundest Signup Page link (Action URL)

New Shopify design themes do not support Action URLs. We suggest integrating your footer signup form manually.

Soundest, as an Email Marketing and Ecommerce platform, uses an embedded HTML form to collect email signups for your newsletter campaigns. Many Shopify themes provide the same structure that Soundest uses (except the new themes, they do not have the option to add the action url), and you only need to enter your unique action URL to enable your customers to submit their email addresses. You can do this on the Customize theme page of your Shopify admin. But first you will need  your Soundest Action URL.

Where can I get my Soundest Action URL?

Please go to Subscribers > Signup forms > Signup page and click on Copy Action URL 


Now, please go to your Shopify Admin and follow the instructions:

1. Click on Online Store - Themes - Customize Theme:


2. Select Sections -  Footer: 

3. Paste Soundest Action URL in the field marked as MailChimp form action URL:


4. Click SAVE

Your Signup form in the footer of your Shopify Theme is now integrated with Soundest!

To learn more about Soundest Action URL and how and where to use it, check our Blog Post Get a Soundest form action URL

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