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Setup of Customer Reactivation Series

Here you will find, Step by Step, how to set up your Customer Reactivation Series. For Customer Reactivation Email, click here.

Where can I find the Customer Reactivation Series?

Please go to Ecommerce > All Workflows and click on Enable.


How to Customize the Series?

1. Click on Next Step in the Intro tab:


2. This is the most important step - Setup - here you will customize your series:


2.1. Set the timing when you want your emails to be sent:


2.2. Edit Email Content - change the design, fonts, colors, add or remove any element, like the Discount element, see the Preview of your email and even send yourself a Test email (click on the arrow in the Preview button):


Don't forget to click on SAVE after any change you make!

3. It is time to launch your email

3.1.Click on Save and Continue:


3.2. Soundest will give you the chance to review your information, if you are satisfied, click on Launch


3.3. One last confirmation - click on Launch and your customers will start receiving the emails according to your settings:                                                                          -jRXMxUJvOw8FbgDyZLrzezU6wIWN-5k1w.jpg

For more detailed information about Customer Reactivation Email, please click here.

For Customer Reactivation Email, please click here.

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