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Learn How to Migrate to the New Editor on the Ecommerce Emails

Our New Editor is now also available on all Ecommerce emails. For all our new clients (signed up after March 8, 2017) it is in place automatically, but if you have been using Soundest for a while and have/had any of the Ecommerce workflows enabled, you might need to migrate to it manually, check how to do it step by step.

When you land on the Ecommerce tab and you see this message, please click on SWITCH TO NEW EDITOR:

You will then get the following informative message, please read it carefully (shown below). You will notice that:

  1. All your Ecommerce emails will be paused until you manually re-enable them.
  2. All your Ecommerce emails will be switched to London template. You will be able to change that to other new templates as well.
  3. Your content will remain intact.
  4. Your design will be reset and you will need to create a new one in this case. However, once you have a theme ready, you will be able to reuse it for all your Ecommerce emails.

Once you click on the red button to enable the New Editor, if you have any Ecommerce email enabled, you will get this final message:

After this step, all your Ecommerce emails will be switched to the New Editor and paused. You will now need to set the design according to your needs and enable them again. Keep in mind that from now on (once you migrate to the New Editor) you can change the template that is used for your Ecommerce features by choosing from either of templates on the New Editor. 

There will also be other places from where you will be able to migrate to the New Editor:

  1. From the Ecommerce email setup:
  2. From the Reports Tab:

The process will be the same no matter from where you migrate. You will be able to go through the wizard and set everything up.

If you have any question or  need any additional assistance, you can always contact our Support team who is always ready to help.

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